Banya is log-made by a classic project. Wood-burning stove. Steam room made of linden, benches made of abachi. There is a rest room also suitable for massage. You can order a lunch to banya or something special at your choice – beer, tea, honey, vobla or seafood. There is a preheated healing herbal vat outside and a font. Pleasures booking and orders are taken by manager.

Open 24 hours.

Banya consists of 2 separate floors for 2 companies up to 6 persons.

Price list

1. Banya (up to 6 persons) – 50 BGN per hour

2. Bath broom – 15 BGN (per one person)

3. Sauna hat and slippers – 10 BGN

4. Bedsheet – 5 BGN

5. Towel – 5 BGN

6. Bathrobe – 10 BGN

7. Relax room – 10 BGN per hour

Food and drinks – according to the menu

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