Dear guests of Bansko ski-resort!

Welcome to the new homestyle cuisine restaurant “SUVOROV”. Its name isn’t accidental: the unconquerable generalissimo was the one to start the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman pressure in the end of XVIII century. There is a city in Bulgaria near Varna- Suvorovo -named in his honour. SUVOROV also loved simple home-made meal, especially shchi (cabbage soup) and a shot of a strong vodka, not less than 47°.

We invite you to table, and our exquisite menu will not fail to impress you. Apart from delicious meal, we also offer a unique bath complex for two companies with “live” steam, bath brooms and font, crayfishes and beer, as well as all-the-year-round preheated swimming pool.

We are ready to organize any kind of events.

Always at your service!


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